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    Plug type attenuator,SC,FC,ST,LC,MU types,UPC,APC types available

    In a fiber optic system, build out attenuators play an important role in controlling optical power
    levels in Telecommunications, CATV applications and other single mode fiber optic
    communications applications. As such, they must offer consistent performance over a range
    of operating conditions so attenuation levels remain constant and predictable.

  • Holder for Fusion Splice Sleeves

    Item Number: SF-FY1

  • LC SM/MM Quad Fiber Coupler

    model number:SG-Q4LC

  • adjustable fiber attenuator

    Variable Fiber Optic Attenuator


    Fiber Optic Attenuator with adjustable attenuation

    Designed for testing equipment, video transmission, optical fiber communication system, cable television network and optical fiber access network

    It can help protecting the optical transmitter and receiver by controlling the light strength