Tailor-made metalwork

New development in Kai Tak using Signalmax.net equipment boxes

New Kowloon Inland Lot No. 6553 at Kai Tak Area 4C Site 1, Kai Tak, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Project: 2023021 Kai Tak 6553
Year: Late 2023
654215MM HA Metal Box size: 650 mm Width x 420 mm Height x 150 mm Depth          Quantity: 150 pcs
453015MM HA Metal Box size: 450 mm Width x 300 mm Height x 150 mm Depth          Quantity: 400 pcs
504015MM HA Metal Box size: 500 mm Width x 400 mm Height x 150 mm Depth          Quantity: 30 pcs
S8760 Stainless Steel mounting with 2 stainless steel screws                                              Quantity: 4500 pcs


5G network of SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited

Stock code: 315:HK
Signalmax.net 5G robust fibre termination boxes were installed at the top of the buildings to cover up 5G network networks in Hong Kong for more than 10 years. The networks covers major locations in the urban areas and all 98 stations in the local Mass Transit Railway lines. According to “The Widest Coverage in HK” in May 2022, Smartone Mobile Communications Limited covers the widest areas, including., expressways, trunk roads, tunnels and bridges. 5G coverage is defined as spot with received 5G radio signal level not weaker than -95dBm. Signalmax.net fibre termination boxes recurrently pass the 5G signal to Smartone users in Hong Kong.


Fiber network of HGC Global Communications Limited

HGC Global Communications Limited (Stock code: 215:HK), formerly known as Hutchison Global Communications Limited, is an internet service provider of Hong Kong. In the past it was part of Hutchison Telecommunications, itself part of a mega-conglomerate CK Hutchison Holdings.

More than 5000 pieces of Signalmax.net fibre enclosure have been supplied to the HGC installers since 2009.
The fiber optics enclosures include Model number: DC12A / DC12 / DC24 / DC36 / DC48 / DC72.
DC36 is created with two compartments.
Left sided compartment is for distributing the fiber point via fiber splitter. Right sided compartment with foldable side door is for FTTH cable entry.


Siemens Hong Kong

Signalmax.net created a mobile trolley for displaying the structure of Mass Transit Railway station (MTR Hong Kong) in July 2020.
Our engineers combined metal sheet with special painting, acrylic fibre and ventilation fans to produce the mobile trolley.
Trolley was made of computer ventilator , venting Plate, metal Sheet with Din-Rail installed at the middle of the Trolley, Wheels x 4, Acrylic window for LCD panel, Painting based on the tailor-made pantone color, internal stand to hold LCD monitor insides the Trolley.


Tailor-made cables

The control network of Hong Kong International Airport

Signalmax.net OUTDOOR IS/OS ARMOR CONTROL CABLE SG 803 was deployed in Hong Kong International Airport
Location: Passenger Terminal 1, HK International Airport
Quantity: 3 km
Date: In June 2022
The cable was constructed with Individual Shield (IS), Braid: Aluminium Magnesium alloy wires, Drain wire, Overall Shield (OS), steel tape metallic armor covered with MDPE all weather jacket.



Dragages is recognised as a pioneer in its industry, spearheading new construction techniques and technologies across its civil, building, electrical and mechanical divisions.
Signalmax.net supplied DP 1 Pair AWG 18 Profibus Cable x 3000 meters to DRAGAGES – BOUYGUES JOINT VENTURE in April 2017.
The cable passed mechanical and electrical test stated in the tender.

– Halogen free and flame resistant
– Limited segment length (according to PROFIBUS-Net Manual)
– UV-resistant
– Silicon free
– Limited oil and grease resistance

Standard compliant: EN 50170 part 8-2, cable type A, IEC 61158 and IEC 61784


Control network of MTR Corporation MTR Corporation Limited

MTR Corporation Limited (Stock code: 0066:HK) is a majority government-owned public transport operator and property developer in Hong Kong which operates the Mass Transit Railway, the most popular public transport network in Hong Kong. It is listed on the Hong Kong Exchange and is a component of the Hang Seng Index. Signalmax.net supplied the following cable to one MTR supplier.

CT LOOP. 1×6MMSQ N1× 1G1 Electronic Signalling Cable.
Location: Railway station in Kowloon Bay
Quantity: 10000 meters
Date: In Feb 2015
Rated voltage : 0.6/1KV
Conductor : 1x6MM SQ
Standard : IEC 60502
Fire resistance layer with the spiral cover of mica tape